I figure everyone has made a collage at one time or another, probably in elementary school at least.  It can be an extremely versatile form of art, and as simple or complex as you would like to make it.  To  give an idea of my collage-making process, I made a graduation card:

First, I draw my design on a piece of an old pattern with a waterproof pen (I like Faber-Castell’s Pitt artist pen)

I fold my card in half to make sure the edges line up, and gather my glue, brushes, water, and cutting mat.  It’s good to have a paper towel on hand too.

I choose a sheet of vintage paper (this one is from a 1916 French text book) and glue it to the front of the card. When the glue has dried,  trim the excess paper.

Once dry,  I consider the design of the card and add some white acrylic paint.

Next, I glue the drawing onto the card, brushing the glue over the pattern paper instead of under it.

Then, use thin watercolors on a mostly dry brush to color the drawing.  If there is too much water, the paint won’t dry properly and there will be less control over where the colors go.  Also, I use more acrylic paint around the drawing to make it stand out more.

Finally, I write “Congratulations!” on another scrap of pattern paper and brush some glue over it.

And there it is, my process in a nutshell…I hope it was descriptive enough!  Please let me know if I was unclear at all. 🙂