Last week I got a fresh shipment of prints to put in my other shop .  I’m really pleased with how they turned out (I use iprintfromhome, which I just love!)  –Please don’t judge this photo of the print ;)–

Saturday night, a virus hit our house and we were up sick ALL NIGHT…luckily, the toddler didn’t catch it and he was asleep the entire time. Phew!   And happily, as soon as I could get out of bed on Sunday afternoon, I saw that I had made a sale in each shop.  One of them was my favorite collage, which I parted with today.  Sigh.  And smile.

Tomorrow (or the day after?) I’m planning to do a small tutorial.  I’ve never done one before because, although my art is original, my process usually is not so unique.  I think my collages are pretty unique in style as well as process so that’s what we will do: a portrait collage.