One of my favorite things to do is wake up with a cup of coffee, browsing Etsy.  It’s nice to be able to see all sorts of beautiful things first thing in the morning…and often, it’s how I find my favorite shops. 

Just some things I found today:

etsyfind 1. Rabbit in Scented Dandelion – print by matouenpeluche

2. Red Leaf Handmade Retro Fabric Card by NelsonandRose

3. Red Roses 8×10 print by themelodyof

4. Ivory Cream Organza Flower Hairpin by theroyalbead (ooh, she also has gorgeous artwork here )

5. Little Red and the Wolf by TheNebulousKingdom


So today I have to make a trip to the post office to send some goodies off, then some major cleaning so we can continue to get settled in our new house. 

What do you have planned for today? 


Happy Friday, everyone!